The bus journey from Kathmandu to Pokhara takes around 7-8 hours.

The first hour or so was a bit hectic as the bus was making its way out of heavy Kathmandu traffic. It also stopped a lot to pick up people to fill the rest of the seats.

Once the bus was out of Kathmandu journey was more pleasant. I would recommend sitting on the right side of the bus as the views are a bit better.    

It is worth mentioning that even though all busses providers offer free wifi on board, it rarely works, so you might need to think of trip entertainment in advance. I spent most of the time staring at the window and enjoyed every bit of it.  

Somewhere between 9 -10 am bus stopped for a quick toilet/coffee break. We got nice tasting coffee for 145 Rs.

The next stop was at a lovely spot next to the river with few food places around offering buffet type Nepalese lunch. We were not very hungry at this point as we brought some water and snacks with us, but from memory, lunch cost around 400 Rs.  

After lunch, we enjoyed beautiful river views and got a chance to see a bit of day to day life in villages which we passed on the road.

The third stop was in a small quiet place where we got some food (see the picture). It was a buffet again, and the price varied between 300 Rs and 400 Rs.

On this bit of the trip, we finally saw some big mountains.

Similarly to the beginning of the trip, the last bit feels long because of traffic and multiple stops.

The final bus stop was at The Tourist Bus park in Pokhara. Once we left the bus, we got offered accommodation and taxi to the Lakeside by at least ten different people. We had accommodation booked at Pokhara paradise apartments, so we just took a taxi for 400 Rs.

Side note: Never feel uncomfortable to negotiate the price of a taxi or anything else in Nepal. Usually, I'm not particularly eager to bargain, but in Nepal it's a must.